How to Make Mini Paper Roses

How to Make Small Roses With Paper Strips DIY Small Paper Roses - Everything small has a charm of cuteness to it. When it comes to flowers the charm seems like they intensify. I wanted to make something cute and decided to make some small paper roses. I have always liked roses and these small... Continue Reading →


How to cut Paper Flowers

How to make 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 petals paper flower Papercraft is always a fun craft to do. One of the easiest papercraft is to cut different petal paper flowers. Fold the paper in a different few patterns and cut! Wala, When you unfold, a cute paper flower appears. It seems almost magical. This... Continue Reading →

DIY Paper Flower Mobile

How to make Paper Flower Mobile Paper Flower Mobile - Any kind of flower hangings always look attractive. The flutteringΒ flowers swaying gently along with the light breeze bring much joy and life into space. I have been seeing a lot of flower hanging recently and decided to make one for myself. Since I do mostly... Continue Reading →

How to Make Candles at Home

DIY Dragon Egg Candles at Home Dragon Egg Candles - Sometimes when you are out of ideas, it is time to come up with some crazy ideas. I don't know if Dragon Egg Candles are theΒ craziest idea out there but I had so much fun making it. This DIY is so easy to do at... Continue Reading →

DIY Pikachu Pen Holder

How to Make Pikachu Pen Holder Pikachu Pen Holder - Recycling things always tempted me. Things which supposed to be thrown out become things to decorate our home. Today I have such a DIY idea for you. Recycling toilet paper rolls into a Pikachu Pen Holder. I had so much fun making the pen holder.... Continue Reading →

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